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1 July to 30 July, 2021

It is our pleasure to inform you on behalf of the Bindaas Artist Group (BAG) that  738 Artists around the world submitted 1841 artworks for “CHITRANKAN 3 : International Online Art Competition & Online Exhibition 2021” only women artists from around the world. You are the lucky one which artwork selected under Top 100 art works and Best 100 art works by Jury members. 

Argenita Fetahu - Kosovo, Hina Bhatt – Pune, India, Mumuzepaint Emilie - France, Tereshkova Elena - Russia, Poonam Chandrika Tyagi - New Delhi, India, Debbie Court - United Kingdom, Ekaterina Sava - Italy, Silvia Marieta - Portugal, Katerina Doroshenko Ladysh - Russia, Norma Noemí Alarcón - Argentina,  Online Exhibition will be centered in the beautiful page of the BAG website. Thank you and congratulations! We are grateful in recognition of her valuable contribution for the online art competition. We wish you a great success in your creative endeavors’ as an accomplished artist in forthcoming years.


100 EMINENT ARTISTS  Art works for Online Exhibition

                          International Online Art from 1 January  to 31 January 2021

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