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Nereida Lima

After an education and successful career in architecture, Nereida Lima began her journey in the world of fine art. She began her fine art education with Enrique Escher, a friend and fellow countryman with over 40 years of experience. With her background in architecture, she became a proficient artist very quickly.

With many contacts in the private and corporate sectors, she quickly became a favored commissioned artist for collectors. Her works are held by collectors from countries all over the world including Japan, Australia, England, Switzerland, Spain, the USA , Canada, Mexico and Central America. 

Nereida has also studied with Anna Mason, Meeta Dani, Angus McEwan and Laurie Goldstein-Warren. 

Although Nereida is mainly a photorealist painter, she also works occasional in abstract forms as well.  She is a teacher and juror and enjoys sharing her love of fine art with fellow artists as well as collectors and art lovers from all over the world.

Water color artist, Tegucigalpa Honduras

Andrew Missi

He was born in 1964 in Blantyre where he started drawing at 11 yrs at  Makata Primary school. He was inspired by Brian Hara's illustrations in magazines and books.

After school, he learned painting from a professional signwriter then in1986 he joined the Blantyre Art Group where he attended art demonstrations and annual art exhibitions at French Cultural Center and Ryalls Hotel. He met with professional painters who advised art technics and borrowed his art books. He studied many books of art for years.He did many art exhibitions at FCC.

He joined VAAM Visual Art which was organized exhibitions and art workshops, then he studied art at Chancer College in 1996. From 2011,he had been teaching fine art at NSAGAS to the youth, then he taught at AYISE for two months.He paints landscapes, portraits, and abstracts in oil and acrylic. He was also invited by the Tikonzekere art Competition as one of the judges.He also taught fine art at Jacaranda Cultural Center.

He exhibited his art during the WESM art exhibition on June 2019. His works are sold in galleries at Lacaverna,La Galleria and KwaHaraba.Some paintings are found at Mwai Wathu Hospital.

    During WESM Art Festival in 10 November 2019, he facilitated art workshop

where he taught watercolor painting

Artist and Art educator, Blantyre city Malawi, Africa

Vira Yakymchuk

Vira Yakymchuk is a Ukrainian painter, is one of the very few figurative art painters in Ukraine. She is a primarily self-taught painter and has developed her distinctive style based on the color of nature. Whose creative production revolves around the classical figurative painting, presented in a contemporary manner. She reflects reality like a dream, which is also a reflection of real life.

Short Artist Statement

By my work, I am trying to reflect reality like a dream, which is also a reflection of real-life which we live in and feel. Sensations, images, ideas, concepts, thoughts, emotions and feelings reflects objective reality experiences. They express a subjective attitude of humans to objects and phenomena of reality. Nature that awakens our souls to the vast inner freedom, allows us to give up time and space. It is a powerful source of knowledge, which through communication reveals its secrets to a person and makes it more sensitive to the world around him/her. After all, a person's ability to see around him/her, makes a perfect peace in his/her soul and a sense of oneness with nature helps to understand himself/herself and others better.  Is both a celebratory and critical exploration of the delicate and highly complex natural feelings and emotions of human around the world and the human relationship. The work not only investigates the intricate interrelatedness of the human of this various world and feelings, as well as the formation of these systems through the naturally selective forces of reality, but also the human role as a force acting on these systems from the inside and around.

Figure-painter, Ukraine

Nixon Malamulo

Nixon Malamulo is an artist who paints using acrylic on canvas. He uses shapes thick paint and colours with both brash and pallet knife in directing thinking on natural and culture on already existing things. His perception is that the power of light on different colours reminds people about a variety of things they like be it painting of any kind of abstract or impression art explaining anything visible to people.


He started the Nthililo Studios Art Gallery and School (NSAGAS) in 2011 with a chief objective of training the youths in visual arts skills free of charge as one way of uplifting their living standards through self-employment creation in order to eradicate poverty among the youths.

His early encounters with art date back to late 70’s when he was living with Aubrey Moi, a visual artist with Halls Garage and Malawi Motors Limited and Malawi Milk and marketing as a Sign-writer. In the early 90’s he met Kato, also known as Fwande, a Congolese artist who taught him impressionism and abstract techniques. In most of these techniques, he used line, shapes and colours to express his feelings.


Nixon is a well-known artist who has won awards such as International Arts Execellnce Awards 2020 by Colours and Canvas from India Unique Visual Arts Education Leadership skills development from the Rainseekers Arts in Education Conservtaoire (RSAILER). He awarded International Excellence Awards 2020 by Colours and canvas in India.  His paintings have been placed in different publications. Furthermore in 2017, he had an opportunity to have his article published in an air travel magazine called Tiyende Magazine. Some of his paintings were also published in the Imango Mundi book ( He represented Malawi at World Art and Soul Project in New Zealand which was aimed at reducing poverty in least development countries of Asia and Africa (


He attended second International Medical & Health Humanities Africa (MHHA) 2019 Blantyre Malawi, workshops in fine art at French Cultural Centre several times which were facilitated by French, British and American artists from 1992 to 1995. On other occasions, he also attended workshops in film-making such as the African Movie Academy Award (2013), CISP Photography Upgrading Technical Skills (2009) and the first African International Creative Economy Conference in Nairobi, Kenya (2011).


His artworks have attracted national as well as international recognition scene.


In the filming field, he has produced video documentaries for National Youth Council of Malawi (2015), he participated The United Nations climate change Experimental International professional film festival up to the short list in 2011. Copyright Society of Malawi (COSOMA), Malawi Revenue Authority (MRA), Southern African Universities Sports Association (SAUSA) in 2008.


The year ahead (2020), will be a continuation of training the youth his art such as painting. Acrylic oil on canvas as well as film making and still photography.


Apart from mainstream visual arts, Nixon has attended Financial Management, Project Management, Business Management and Leadership Skills conducted by Malawi – Scotland Partnership (MASP) and CIPS (Malawi) respectively.


It’s pleasing that the life of artists plays the role of reminding and promoting knowledge of culture and environment (nature) which is a great opportunity to all image makers.

Artist and Art educator, Malawi, Africa

Vilas Tonape

Vilas Tonape is an internationally recognized artist, and as a professor and HOD he teaches in the department of art at Methodist University in Fayetteville, North Carolina, USA. Tonape has been creating art for over thirty years and is a native of India. He received his BFA in Drawing and Painting with distinction from Sir J.J. School of Art in Mumbai. He earned an MFA in Painting from Texas Christian University in Fort Worth, Texas, USA. His work has been exhibited internationally, including venues in New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, Ontario and Bombay. Tonape has won numerous awards throughout the United States and India, and his work has been critically acclaimed. Palm Beach Post says: “Tonape’s painting can be described as classically inspired, contemporary-realism—interpretive images that enchant the eye”.


Working in both figurative and non-representational modes, Tonape focuses on nature. His paintings are “melodies” orchestrated by the artist, rooted in the visual rhythms of gesture and color, recorded in the subject matter.

Contemporary Realistic Artist Professor & HOD Department of Art, Methodist University North Carolina, USA

Veerachan Usahanun

Veerachan Usahanun Born on 18 December 1960 in Uttaradit province, Northern Thailand. Studied at the College of Fine Arts in Bangkok, and then moved to Vienna, Austria, where he studied and worked as a professional artist mentoring several of the most respected members of the European art community. Veerachan exhibited his worked several times in Europe between 1991 and 1999, mostly in Austria.


Veerachan Usahanun is one of Thailand’s most esteemed artists , admired by                   distinguished Asian and European art critics and collectors for his powerfully    poignant paintings , including stunningly detailed fantasy portraits and infinitely intricate representations of the Hindi deity Ganesha.


Master Veerachan is currently base in Chiangmai, the    biggest province of Northern Thailand. Working from his studio and gallery in Ampur Mae – Taeng, where visitors are welcome to view “ Magic of the Elephant Collection “ Here, master Veerachan draws on the inspiration offered by rice fields and tropical surroundings, and continues to produce his “ Magic “ works.


Master Veerachan then embarked on a unique series of works titled “Magic of the Elephant”, depicting the Hindu elephantine deity Ganesha in contemporary recreations of the god’s traditional postures. The collection now numbers 18 (on 2014) original works on canvas and wood. Master Veerachan’s contemporary depictions of Ganesha are  powerful , stunning , erotic and thought provoking , and have further solidified his reputation among the world’s elite art collectors as one of Asia’s finest living artists.



              The appeal of Master Veerachan’s works lie in the way they inspire and comfort their owners , offering new insight and answers to life’s most profound questions and quandaries with each new viewing.

Eminent Artist Uttaradit province,Thailand

Dr. Shyam Bihari Agrawal

Dr. Agrawal is a very unassuming, simple and humble person. He was born in a well-to-do family of Sirsa in Allahabad on the 1st of September, 1942. The Tagore School of Painting, popularly known as Bengal School of Painting, occupies the most exalted position in the history of modern Indian art. Late Sri Kshitindra Nath Majumdar was one of the most brilliant luminaries of this school.

Dr. Shyam Bihari Agrawal happened to be a disciple of Mr. Majumdar and thus naturally belongs to the school of painting from which his guru derived his sustenance. Dr. Agrawal is, in my view, one of those rare living painters who are enriching and extending the territories of the tradition of painting established by Abanindra Nath Tagore at the close of the 19th century with the explicit intention of giving lndianness to the Indian painting of the day which was growing increasingly slavish day by day to European School of painting. The paintings of Dr. Agrawal have a universal appeal and are capable of providing us aesthetic pleasure of a very high order by means of their suggestively and evocativeness, whether they are done in Basohli style, Mewar style or Kangra style or Bengal School which is a style of his heart's desire.

Dr. Agrawal write many books on Indian Art. Dr. Agrawal is a painter par excellence. His Professional maturity leaves no one in doubt about his artistic excellence. His brush work is vigorous and he has an excellent sense of colour-harmony-qualities that lend a sense of passion and power to his paintings. Dr. Shyam Bihari Agrawal is a very sensitive, imaginative and skilful painter, sculptor and photographer, full of immense potentiality and capability. He is an eminent artist and be able to make his mark in the history of the fine art of India. Dr Shyam Bihari Agrawal joined Fine Art America on April 25th, 2010.

Dr. Agrawal is a painter par excellence. His Professional maturity leaves no one in doubt about his artistic excellence. His brush work is vigorous and he has an excellent sense of colour-harmony-qualities that lend a sense of passion and power to his paintings. His art-works have a great evocative power and they captivate the hearts of the viewers by means of their magnificent workmanship, their imaginativeness of a very high order and above all their well-wrought symbolism. We can place all art works of Dr. Agrawal under the following heads: 

1. Painting in Wash Style. The example of this kind of works are at the work 'Shakuntala, 'Towards the war field', 'Moon and the Wave', 'Milking', 'Unmadinee' (insane), 'At the well', 'Happy Family', 'Chaitanya', 'Saraswati', 'Radha & Shyam' etc. 
2. Painting in tempera style represented by his pictures called 'Teacher and Disciple', 'A Bengali Marriage Scene', 'Winter Night', 'Flower study', etc. 
3. Mural and Fresco Painting typified by his works called 'Innocent-Prisoner' and 'Dance of Gujarat' 'Folk Singer', 'Sarangi Player' etc. 
4. Graphic Art-works in all the three forms (i.e., Etching, Linocut and Woodcut). An example of his colour etching is provided by his work called' Evening Lamp' and' The Yuksha of Meghdoot'. His wood cuts are represented by his works entitled 'The Women Working on the Charkha', 'Shringar' and his best Linocut is the work called 'The Gardener'. 
5. Modernist Paintings or Abstract Paintings such as 'The Prisoner', 'Moon Gazer', 'The Lonely Lady', 'The Couple' etc. 
6. Portraits and Life-studies exampled by his pictures of Mahatma Gandhi, lawaharlal Nehru, Smt. Indira Gandhi and the rickshaw-driver etc. respectively. 
7. Sculptures represented by his busts made with'plaster of Paris and such as the 'The Newly Bathed', Lady Lost in Thought', 'The Nude' etc. 


Eminent Wash Painting Artist Former Art Professor, Allahabad University Allahabad, Uttar Pradesh, India

Anna Marinova

Born in St. Petersburg, Russia in 1983, Anna Marinova studied at the Saint Petersburg Roerich College of Art.  From 2004-2010 she studied at The Repin Art Institute (The Russian Academy of Arts) in workshops with professor of painting V.V. Sokolov.

She began exhibiting in 2005, and in 2008 she was awarded with the gold medal of the Russian Academy of Arts for academic excellence.   Her sensitive female figures are caught in reflective moments, as you get a glimpse into their private world thru her eyes. The beauty and  innocence is mesmerizing, accented by her perfection in realism.

Art has been a way for Anna to know herself and the world around her.  “Art helps me to express an idea, an emotion or, more generally, my world view through colors, shapes, light, without words.” explains Anna.

Inspired by many of the great masters, Titan, Velazquez, Rembrandt, Rubens, Holbein, Ingres, Boucher, Fragonard, Zorn and Sargent, as well as the great Russian realist school masters, Levitsky, Venetsianov, Bryullov, Serov, and Fechin.  Anna is very proud to be a successor of the traditions of the Russian realistic school of painting.

Her beautiful paintings can be found in private collections in Russia, London and the United States.  Anna still resides in Petersburg.

Hyperrealistic Artist Saint Petersburg, Russia

Chong See Wai

Chong See Wai is a contemporary artist, working across advertising, interior, design, and Fine art painting, based in Kuala Lumpur, he graduated in Malaysia Institution of Art, participated in numerous open and group art exhibition in Malaysia and Oversea.

He claims that he finds his inspiration through nature  especially in human nature, recently his works is focusing on human figure drawing as he finds that the human structure or portrait are unique and incredible to him, his art subject is more related to     inspire other about love and   compassion one to another for the community especially people with special needs like special kids such as Autism, the symptoms of an Autistic child is socializing problem and speech limitation, children with autism have   difficulty using their imagination, communicating or interacting, he hopes that through his painting, it can bring more attention and awareness to the people with compassion and love, he always says ‘’ Like art, music and architecture -The goal is to make it becomes a part of your daily life,        surpassing artificial boundaries of culture ,art and custom. He had his first oversea solo exhibition in Seoul, South Korea after receiving the Asia Art Award ( Grand Prize ) by Asia Invitation Art Exhibition is Seoul, South Korea, he has been hailed as one of the most promising young figurative painters , his works had great expressive force and with great strokes and seemingly uncontrolled brushstrokes , he managed to ‘’ say everything ‘’ in detail, but without  specifying the detail.

Solo Exhibition

2010 – Journey of Art -First Solo Art exhibition, The AOFS Art Gallery, Malaysia

2010 – Solo Art exhibition by Ben Chong, Artseni Gallery, Malaysia

2012 – Solo Art exhibition by Ben Chong, The AOFS Art Gallery, Malaysia

2017 – Autism Series – First oversea Art Exhibition, La Mer Gallery, Seoul, Korea

Group Exhibitions

2010 – “Collector’s collection” by Penang Art Society, Malaysia

2011 – 45th International Culture Art Exhibition, Seoul , Korea

2012 – 46th International Culture Art Exhibition, Seoul , Korea

2013 – 47th Asia Art Invitation Art Exhibition, Seoul, Korea

2018 – Love and Inspiration, Yukyung Art Museum, Korea

2018 – Kunsthaus Unterolberndorf International Art Fair, Austria, Vienna

2018 – Art Expo , Malaysia


2017 – International Culture Art Fair Award, International Culture Association of Korea

2017 – Asia Art Award, Asia Culture Association, Korea

2017 – Award of Emerging Souls, World Contemporary Artist Association (WCA) , Hong Kong

Contemporary Artist Petaling Jaya, Malaysia

Jee Yuan Lim

Author of ‘The Malay House’, Institut Masyarakat, Penang, 1987. ‘The best book that I have seen on any indigenous architecture… I’ve seen no better examination of how a successful building type works. This is a brilliant book on a superbly adaptive vernacular house form’ – Stewart Brand, Creator of ‘The Whole Earth Catalog’.

Member of Urban Sketchers Penang, Penang Watercolour Society and Penang Art Society

I have always been interested in painting since I was young. I am self-taught. There are advantages and disadvantages. But self-learning in painting is so easy now with the Internet and You Tube which has democratised the learning of art. But finding your way is both challenging, exciting and difficult though you can learn so much from the masters. Finding your own solutions and signature style is the way to go for me. You can learn techniques from others but it is only with your own solutions to your painting problems that you will create your own style. It will reflect your vision, your technique, your strokes, your character and your strengths and even your weaknesses. That is your personal vision and statement. It is not a copy of nature or others, it is a reaction to nature mediated through one self.

Urban sketching is a great learning process for me. You are challenged by the outdoors, spectators, sights, the changing light and sounds and a time limit that forces you to adapt and learn and develop short-hand methods which is less likely to be developed in studio conditions. You senses become more acute and your vision made sharper. You develop a clearer sense of tone and composition. In other words you develop confidence and character in hour paintings which in turn defines your style.

I am trained in architecture which also trained me see the challenges in the different media and materials and thus learn how to adapt and exploit the strength and weaknesses in them. Even with inferior materials or media they offer us good challenges to learn how to exploit their weaknesses and turn them into strengths. You will forced to react to the difficulties which offers much lessons. Without difficulties, there will be no progress.

Art to me is personal development and fulfillment. With it comes much joys and many sleepless nights. Always thinking of pushing further and breaking new ground. And if we can bring joy, happiness or meaning to others… that’s the added bonus.

Artist,writer and graphic designer ,George Town, Malaysia

Olga Zelinska

Born in Sukhumi, Republic of Abkhazia. Graduated from Sukhumi Art School, Abkhazian State University (as a bachelor of Arts). Since 2002 she lives in Moscow, works as an interior designer and artist. The main message of Olga's artworks is the eternal feminity. Defenseless and omnipotent, sensual, capricious reigns of feminity on all artworks leads directlyu into the soul, bypassing the frames of logic. The overall message of the author defines woman as a creator and devine parent of all things. Olga Zelinska has created a unique style that could contain complicated images of the fundamental questions of being. The complex technique requires a lot of time - every artwork takes about three months and even up to two years - for there are many layers within.


Exhibitions and competitions: (of which more than 12 personal).

Collective exhibition in Abkhazian state art gallery,1996-2000 
1997 – ‘Agava’ Gallery, (Sukhum, Abkhazia). Collective exhibition of young artists

2012 – Artweek contest (Moscow, Russia) – 1st award with ‘Undines Maidens’ and 2nd award with ‘Lemniscate’ diptych 
2012, spring – MARS Gallery (Moscow, Russia) 
2012, summer – Collective exhibition in Madrid, Spain, at Russian Center of Science and Culture 
2012 – Art Preview contest (Moscow, Russia) - finalist with ‘Beginning’ 
2013 – Baraonda contest (Saint Petersburg, Russia) - special prize: invitation for the watercolor held by Carlo Levi Literature Park 
2013 – ‘Ardena’ Gallery (Moscow, Russia) – Collective exhibition ‘Autumn Impromtu’ 

2014 – ‘Live Line of Modern’ (Moscow, Russia) - Collective exhibition at Merchant V.D. Nosov’s Mansion 
2014 – ‘Realism Today’ (Moscow, Russia) - Collective exhibition at Central House of Artists, organized by New Era Gallery. Moscow
2014 – ‘Season Opening’ (Moscow, Russia) - Collective exhibition at Central House of ArtistsMoscow
2014 – ‘Music in color’ - (Sukhum, Abkhazia) - Solo (chamber) exhibition
2014 – ‘Art-Dresden’ Gallery (Moscow, Russia) - ‘Inomerie’ project by Leonid Feodor Moscow
2014 – ‘Na Kashirke’ Gallery (Moscow, Russia) - ‘Inomerie’ project by Leonid Feodor Moscow
2014 – ‘Dreams of something beyond’ (directing of dreams 2) at Library of Ukrainian Literature in Moscow, Russia Moscow
2014 – ‘ХХ Chromosome’ (Moscow, Russia) - Solo exhibition at ‘Tsarevna-grad’ Gallery (underground flat party) Moscow
2014 – ‘Palette of soul’ (Moscow, Russia) - Collective exhibition at Central House of Artists Moscow
2014 – ‘To the New Year’ (Moscow, Russia) - Exhibition with ‘New Era’ Gallery held at Central House of Artists Moscow

2015 February, ‘Gostiniy dvor’ Moskow, Varvarka str.. Moscow
2015 February, ‘Emotions’ solo exhibition at House of slavic script. Moscow
2015 February, Winzavod. 'Mystic quest’ 3rd grade Diploma (for unusual colour solution), Certificate of merit by GALLERIX art club Moscow
2015 March, ‘Women line’ solo exhibition at 6th pavilion of VDNKh Moscow
2015 March, ‘Coffee cat’ art space ‘Meeting point’ Kitay-Gorod metro station Moscow
2015 04/04 - 04/05 ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’ Freelab; exhebition as part of Boho style festival Moscow
2015 ’She-Who?’ Project: ‘Women in the art of modern artists’, organized by ’TETRA-ART'
2015 17.04-19.04 «ART.WHO.ART», Moscow
2015 07/04-14\05 ‘Legends and myths’, Moscow  (participants: I.Golub; V. Kotikov; O. Zelinskaya) 
2015 2.2 Galery-showroom, ‘Fashion season’, Okhotniy ryad, Moscow. 
2015 14.05 - 12.07 ’Stork on the roof’ Contest, State Darwin museum Moscow
2015 May-June, ‘Zelenograd Cultural centre’, ’Secrets’ solo exhibition
2015 July, ‘Zelenograd CC’, ’Summer patterns’ organizer and participant
2015 July ‘Art-Dacha’, exhibition and auction ‘Emerald Summer’; organizer and participant  Moscow
2015 August, Project by Noumen Art laboratory - at ‘Forte Club'. Moscow
2015 August, Black Dog Art gallery, ‘Water’ exhibition at Krasnye kholmy  Moscow
2015 August, ’Summer dates’ at Central House of Artists Moscow
2015 September, ‘Zelenograd CC’, exhibition of Zelenograd artists
2015 September, ‘Mysteries’ Art-hostel FABRIC at ‘Krasniy Oktyabr' Moscow
2015 27,28 September ‘DESIGN DAYS - 2015’, ’NOVOGORSK-7'
2015 November - ’Signs’ solo exhibition, at ‘Vedogon’ theater, Zelenograd
2015 November, ‘Magic square’ Art Gallery ‘MOST’, Khimki 
2015 December, ’She-Who?’ Women image in art ’TETRA-ART’, Dzerzhinskiy 
2015 December, ‘Zelenograd CC’, ‘Mamihlapinatapai’ exhibition 
2015 December, Central house of artists ‘Art-Yolka’ exhibition as a part of New Year celebrations Moscow
2015 December, 'Russian-French Christmas’ at Art Library Moscow

2016 January, ‘Independent Art Party’, Loft by 1905 metro station  Moscow
2016 January, ‘Magic’, at ‘Green Door’ anticafe Moscow
2016 Theatre "Vedogon" Zelenograd "Spring, girl, flowers"  Zelenograd
2016 March Art gallery "Dresden", Moscow, Crystal lane., 1, Gostiny Dvor Moscow

2016 March "Spring - the element women's feelings" , Moscow,Pokrovka str., 1/13/6

2016 March the Exhibition "ANCIENT AND MODERN RUSSIA" Moscow, Tverskaya 14 Moscow

2016 April "beautiful Spring" CHA  Moscow

2016 April Gallery Nega Dmitrovskoe sh. "April discordance" Moscow

2016 May   exhibition at the gallery "Art Incognito" with a group of Abkhazian artists Moscow

2016 may exhibition at the concert "Springson" in the club "Vermel" the island of Balchug

2016 June-October, the Club-restaurant "the First" Istra 

2016 may exhibition at the concert "Springson" in the club "Vermel" the island of Balchug 

2016  October Club HERE - exhibition "Spectrum" Moscow

2016 November, a performance-exhibition in the Moscow metro "never lean".

2016 November exhibition "Patterns" Cultural center of Zelenograd, 

2016 November Club here - exhibition and presentation of book with my illustrations "the Return of Galatea"  Moscow


2017 January Singapore "Art Apart Fair 9th edition@pan Pacific orchard" ( gallery 11.12 2017 Singapore)

2017 March  Cultural centre "Zelenograd" exhibition "a Gift to a favourite city" Zelenograd

2017 April gallery "Chertanovo", the exhibition "the Mysterious flame" Moscow
2017 April Central House of artists on Krymsky Val " – 14 years of art!"  Moscow

2017 April  Art Nordic Exibition. Kopenhagen  Denmark

2017  August “The Four Seasons Art Fair 2017” Amsterdam, Netherlands

2017 September Mansion " Giro Gallery» RM&ROMANOV  the event is a trade fair with the heir to the Imperial Romanov dynasty. Moscow

2017 October-February 2018 solo exhibition in the gallery " Scarlet Sails" Moscow




2018 March exhibition in the gallery "art Box" Moscow

2018 May Exhibition of my paintings at Boho fair, Moscow, Arbat 21

2018 May personal exhibition "totem" Moscow

2018 May "Bamboo" (the largest ethnic festival in Moscow) lounge area LovelyLOFT was decorated with my paintings.

2018 March - October Permanent exhibition in the gallery "ART BOX" MOSCOW Avtozavodskaya

2018 May, personal exhibition in art space-bar Loft "Cure bar" Leningradsky prospect 66

2018 July Rome - international exhibition of contemporary art ‘I Segnalati', curated by Salvatore Rousseau, Caesar Prize.

2018 July-August exhibition "Art Mix" in the center of Moscow, moss 10.

2018 November, personal exhibition in art space-bar Loft "Cure bar" Leningradsky prospect 66

2018 November gallery "Chertanovo" exhibition with daughter Eva Panchenko " Music of color"

2018 December-February 2019 solo exhibition in the gallery "Scarlet sails" Moscow


2019 January Charity Exhibition in the legendary secret bunker № 703 (43 meters underground)

2019 March Exhibition in gallery Proun "ART FOR ALL", Moscow, St. lower Syromyatnicheskaya, d. 11к1


Membership in the Creative Union of Artists of Russia

Membership in the Association "Art of Nations" 

Membership in the Union of Zelenograd artists

Membership in the ArtPriorityClub

Membership in the Union of Artists of the Republic of Abkhazia

Contemporary Artist & Interior Designer,Moscow

 Le Thanh

- Graduated from Ha Noi-Vietnam Fine Arts - Culture and Art class

- Fine art class - Vietnam Cinema Theater School.

- Participate in Fine Art Exhibition in the Red River Delta - Vietnam from 1997 to 2018.

- Exhibition of the whole country of Vietnam Fine Arts in 2000-2005.

- Participate in the International Sculpture Camp "impressively organizing Hung King" - At the temple of King Hung, Phu Tho province, Vietnam - 2009.

- Participating in NongAn International Sculpture Camp - Changchun - China (14th time) - 2013.


- Participate in Asian Sculpture Exhibition (Guangzhou) in 2013.

- Participating in Sculpture Exhibition 10 in Vietnam - 2013.

- Participate in International Sculpture Camp - Changchun - China (16th time) - 2015.

- Participate in the International Sculpture Camp of Changchun - China (The 18th) - 2017

- There are many paintings, statues sold in the country and abroad.

2 / Awards:

- Prize: Author (Young) - Vietnam Literature and Art Association 2000 - Present.

- Third prize - Vietnam Fine Arts Association - 2003 - Present.

3 / Typical works:

- "Life" - Art exhibition -1999 nationwide.

- "Two girls" - Vietnam literature and art prize 2000.

- "Rhythm of the season" - Third prize - Vietnam Fine Arts Association 2003

- "Peace message" - National art exhibition -2005.

- "Legend of a love affair" - Phu Tho International Sculpture Camp, Vietnam -2009.

- "The origin of the Hung King" - International Hung King King Sculpture Camp -2009.

- "Peace - Happiness" - NongAn Changchun International Sculpture Camp - China - 2013.

- "Eternal" - (Material - Granis Stone) - NongAn Changchun International Sculpture Camp - China - 2013.

- "Sister" (daughter of Vietnamese folk song) -Asia Guangzhou Exhibition - China - 2013.

- "Modern family" - Sculpture exhibition in Vietnam 10 - 2013.

- Sculpture: "Mother and child" - China Changchun International Sculpture Camp -2015

- Sculpture: "Whispering by the river" - China Changchun International Sculpture Camp -2017

- painter, sculptor - Member of Vietnam Fine Arts Association - member of Bac Ninh art and literature - Vietnam.

Rajesh Kumar Singh

Rajesh Kumar Singh, one of the finest image makers, known for his evocative black and white photograph, captures the cultures, beauty of human disability and time. Born in Bokaro Steel City, Jharkhand this young talent attained his education from Banaras Hindu University. His initial works focus on the raw conduct of people living in Varanasi, one of the ancient living cities in the world. He uses photography as a means to project the world a center of visual meditation.

He is the recipient of numerous awards, including the All India Award, National Scholarship, Govt. of India, 10th All India Academic Award, and IWIF Award for Second best photographer of India. This was the same year in which he worked as the cinematographer for Baalema a feature film, Asst. Director -Feast of Varanasi (Indo-British Film), Associate Director “Addha Chand Tum rakkh lo”

Singh name is registered in Limca book of record for his Image “The Kill”.

Rajesh’s works have been featured in the major Photography Magazine- BETTER PHOTOGRAPHY. , Leaders Speak Magazine. Servel wonderful works have been featured in numerous exhibitions, some of which are 56th National Exhibition of Art, Govt. of India, and Ministry of Culture. 8th Biennale of Photography (Poland), Human Rights Art exhibition, Canada and South Taxes University, United States.CRAF (Centro di Ricerca e ArchivazonedellaFotografia), Spilimbergo, Italy, Korean Passion Meets India, Korea- India Contemporary Art Exchange Exhibition, Korean Culture Center, India.

Urban Photographer of the Year Award, 2018
The prestigious collection at National Taiwan Museum of Fine Art, Taiwan
Permanent Collection, CRAF (Centro di Ricerca e ArchivazonedellaFotografia), Spilimbergo, Italy MoCP, Permanent Collection, Museum of contemporary photography, Chicago
Varanasi’s Brick Kiln Workers: Photo Series By Rajesh Kumar Singh

You can find Rajesh Kumar Singh on the Web :

Facebook -
Instagram- rajesh4films
Twitter- rajesh4films

Photographer, Bokaro Steel City, India

Rajeshwar Nyalapalli

One Men Show:

2017 Devik Shakthi, Lalitkala Akademi, New Delhi.

2014 ICON Art Gallery, Hyderabad.

2012  Indian Art Festival, Mumbai.

2012 Art Bangalore, UB City, Bangalore.

2012 Deccan Art Foundation, Hyderabad.

2011 Inspire Art Gallery, Hyderabad.

2007 ICCR Art Gallery, Kala Bhavan, Hyderabad.


Group Exhibitions:


2018 Colors-2018(an exclusive show of contemporary art),Coomaraswamy hall, Mumbai

2018 Devotion,ICA Gallery, Jaipur

2018 Meera and Gati Art Express Season-2, Gati ltd, Hyderabad

2018 Colors of Novotel , Novotel , Hyderabad.

2017 Symphony of colors(Celabration of Telangana Art Festival), SGA, Hyderabad.

2017 125th All India Annual Art Exhibition, Jehangir Art Gallery, Mumbai.

2017 Kaleidoscope of colors, India Habitat Centre, New Delhi.

2017 Hyderabad to Munbai, Nehru Centre, Mumbai.

2016 Ahmedabad art e fair, Ahmedabad.

2016 Expressions, Bengal Art Gallery ICCR, Kolkata.

2016 Giobal Art Fair, World Tread Center, Mumbai.

2016 Colors 2016,Coomarswamyhali, Mumbai

2016 She has grace like no other, Group show, Gallery Space, Hyderabad.

2016 Monsoon Show, Art land, Kalaghoda, Mumbai. 

2016 Shakthi, Visual Art Gallery, Hebetate Center, New Delhi.

2016 International Art  Mart, Khajuraho.

2015 Art & Artists of India-2015, Raja Ravi Varma Art Gallery, Pune.

2015  Indian Art Festival. Mumbai.

2015 Art Fate, HAS, Muse Art Gallery, Hyderabad.

2015 My God, ICON Art Gallery, Hyderabad.

2014 Art @Telangana, Salarjung museum .Hyderabad.

2014 Art @Telangana ,Muse Art Gallery .Hyderabad.

2014 My Indian Art, Kolkata

2014 The Art Lange, Chandigarh.

2013 Indian Art Festival ,Nehru Centre, Mumbai.

2013 Art Bangalore, UB City, Bangalore.

2013 Gallerie Nvya, New Delhi.

2013 pravas bharat divas ,Kochi.

2012 Nirmala Birla Gallery of Modern Art, Hyderabad.

2012 Deccan Art Foundation, Hyderabad.

2012 Inspire Art Gallery, Hyderabad.

2012 Contemporary Artist of India, State Art Gallery, Hyderabad.

2011 PAINTSCAPES, State Art Gallery, Hyderabad.
2011 Monsoon Show, Bajaj Art Gallery, Mumbai.

2011 Art Fusion Show ,Nehru Centre. Mumbai.

2011 Muse Art Gallery, Marriot Hotel, Hyderabad

2009 Mystic Inspiration Art Gallery, Hyderabad.

2008 Scribble, State Art Gallery, Hyderabad.
2008 Chitrakala Mela, Bangalore.

2008 Lepakshi, State Art Gallery, Hyderabad.

2008 Lakshna Art Gallery, Hyderabad.

2007 Scribble, State Art Gallery, Hyderabad.

2006 ICCR Art Gallery, Kala Bhavan, Hyderabad.
2006 ICCR Art Gallery, Kala Bhavan, Hyderabad.

Art camps:

2017World Telugu Conference,LB stadium, Hyderabad.

2017 Symphony of colors national art camp, SGA, Hyderabad.

2016 Art Camp, Ravi raj Fine art Collage of Fine Art, Coimbatore.

2016 Art Camp, Dr. MCR HRD Institute, Hyderabad.

2015 Art Camp, Hyderabad Art Society, Shilparamam, Hyderabad.

2015 Glorious Telangana Art Camp, Dr. MCR HRD Institute, Hyderabad.

2014 Art@Telangana Art Camp,Taramati Baradari.Hyderabad.

2012 National Artist Camp, State Art Gallery, Hyderabad.
2011 Telangana Art Camp, Press Club, Hyderabad.

2010 Kalala Telangana, Kakatiya NRI Forum, Hyderabad.

1999 Youth Services, Boats club, Secunderabad.

 State Level Participations, Awards:

2010 First Prize, Sri Kalasketra, Tirupati.

2009 Highly commendable, State Art Gallery, Hyderabad.
2007 P S T U, Hyderabad.
2006 P S T U, Hyderabad
2004 P S T U, Hyderabad.
1993 Chitra Kala Nilayam, Dubbaka, Medak.
National Level Participations, Awards:

2016 Mega Award, Konaseema Chitrakala Parishad, Amalapuram.

2014 Highly commendable Hyderabad Art Society, Hyderabad.
2011 Highly commendable Hyderabad Art Society, Hyderabad.

2010 Vaddadi Papaiah Award, Konaseema Chitrakala Parishad, Amalapuram.
2009 Cash Award, Konaseema Chitrakala Parishad, Amalapuram.

2008 K C P Award, Konaseema Chitrakala Parishad, Amalapuram.
2007 Lalitkala Parishad [Cash Award] Vizag.
2006 Lalitkala Parishad [Damarala Rama Rao Award] Vizag.
2006 Hyderabad Art Society, Hyderabad.
2006 First Prize, Konaseema Chitrakala Parishad, Amalapuram.
2005 Lalitkala Academy, New Delhi.
2005 Third Prize, Lalitkala Parishad, Vizag.
2005 Hyderabad Art Society, Hyderabad.
2005 All India Fine Art & Craft Society, New Delhi.
2005 Madavapeddi Gokhle Award, Konaseema Chitrakala Parishad, Amalapuram.
2004 Kalasree Award, Lalitkala Parishad, Vizag.
2003 Hyderabad Art Society, Hyderabad.

2002 Hyderabad Art Society, Hyderabad.
2001 VSN Galleria of Art, Vizag.

2001 All India Fine Art & Craft Society, New Delhi.
2000 Kalasree Award, Lalitkala Parishad, Vizag.
2000 Second Prize, VSN Galleria of Art, Vizag.
1999 H M, Lalit kala Parishad, Vizag. 

International Level Participations, Awards:
2006 Best Caricature Award, A P Political Cartoonist Forum, India.

2005 Bosque Conservatory Art Council, Texas.


Indian Art Collectors,

ICON Art gallery, Art @Telangana,

Dr. MCR HRD Institute, Hyderabad.

Nirmala Birla Gallery of Modern Art
Deccan Art Foundation

Gansan Art Syndicate,

Swarnajit Sen, D.G.P.
Dr.Amlan Thripati, Additional Commissioner, IT, Hyd.
K V Ramana, I A S., SCRIBBLE,

Nannapaneni Rajakumari [TDP] 
Many privet collections in India and Abroad.


Contemporary Artist , Hyderabad, India

Javier Arizabalo



2012 AMAIA Cultural Center, Irun

2011 Assembly of Extremadura, Mérida

1989 Gallery "La Pecera", Irun




Galerie Artmundi, Paris; Exhibition "New Reality", Sala Emilio Varela, Alicante; "Toledo, Art without Borders" San Clemente Cultural Center. Galeria Santana Art, Madrid.


Galerie Artmundi, Paris; Exhibition "Otra Reality", Ateneo de Madrid; Arte Actual Mexicano, Monterey (Mexico).


Galerie Artmundi, Paris; Aquarium of San Sebastián; Exhibition "Another Reality", La Vaguada Cultural Center, Madrid.


Galerie Artmundi, Paris; Mellado Gallery, San Lorenzo del Escorial (Madrid), Contemporary Mexican Art, Monterey (Mexico), Perez & Ortiz Fine Art, Santiago de Chile.


Galerie Archange, Paris; Mellado Gallery, San Lorenzo del Escorial (Madrid); Art Santa Fe, Gaudi Gallery, (United States).



Galerie Archange, Paris; Mellado Gallery, San Lorenzo del Escorial (Madrid); Art-Karlsruhe, Gaudí Gallery, Karlsruhe (Germany); ARTEANDO Fair, Gaudí Gallery, Irun; "Something more than realism VI", Aragonesa Artistic Association; ST-ART 2012, Gaudi Gallery, Strasbourg (France).



Galerie Archange, Paris; Mellado Gallery, San Lorenzo del Escorial (Madrid); Selected in the Premis d'art Autocugat, cloister of the Royal Monastery of Sant Cugat; ARTEANDO Fair in Irun; Alexander Gallery, Shanghai Art Fair; Galería Gaudí, ARTi11, The Hague



Galerie Archange, Paris; Gaudi Gallery, Madrid



Galerie Archange, Paris; Puroarte Fair, Vigo; Glasgow Art Fair (Great Britain); Art Open Fair, Utrecht (Holland); "Something more than realism III", Aragonese Artistic Grouping, Colors Gallery, Edinburgh; "Something more than realism III", Aragonese Artistic Association



Gaudi Gallery, Madrid; Galerie Archange, Paris; Kunstart08, Bolzano (Italy); Art Open Fair, Utrecht (Holland); DE-Fine Art, Atlanta (USA); Zantman Art Galleries, California (USA); David W. Streets Gallery, California (USA); Clave Gallery, Cordoba; "Something more than realism II", Aragonesa Artistic Group, Zaragoza; Lineart 08, Ghent (Belgium)



Galerie Archange, Paris; Art Pur & Fer Creations, Paris; Artz Art Fair, Zaragoza



Exhibition Hall of the Municipal Savings Bank of San Sebastián



Exhibition Hall of the Town Hall of Portugalete





Saudi Arabia, Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Canada, Chile, Spain, United States, France, Holland, India, Italy, Mexico, Portugal, Turkey, Russia and Kuwait



JAVIER ARIZABALO, Galerie Archange Éditions, 2008

YEARBOOK ARTELIBRE, ARTE Y LIBERTAD IV y V, Editorial Comuniter, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011 y 2012

POETS AND ARTISTS, December 2010, Editor Didi Menendez

POST-MODERN TIMES, Volume 1, Number 1, Founding Editor Stephen Smith

JAVIER ARIZABALO GARCIA, Edited Assembly of Extremadura, 2011

JAVIER ARIZABALO, Edited by Ayuntamiento de Irun, 2012





Professor of painting at the Municipal Academy of Irun



Workshop on the human body, Red Gallery, Seville



Workshop "El Retrato", Red Gallery, Sevilla; Workshop "Human Body, Light and Color", Fundación Arcilla, Madrid



Workshop "The detail", Imart, Alicante



Workshop in Craneo Creaciones, Sevilla



Cofrade of honor in the Confraternity of the Salmon, Irun

Hyperrealism Eminent Artist, Irun, Spain

Svetlana Cameron

Svetlana Cameron is a Russian-born British portrait painter dedicated to the study and revival of classical art. Trained in the methods of Old Masters, she is known internationally for commissioned oil portraits of distinguished people and delicate lifelike portraits of children in pastel.

In 2016 Svetlana Cameron was named as one of Top 40 international Masters of Pastel by the publisher “Pratique des Arts” in France. She holds the title of a “Living Master” awarded to her by the Art Renewal Centre in the USA and is included in the ARC online museum of realist art. Three of her official portraits are part of the British national collection of oil paintings and are featured on ART UK.

Svetlana Cameron in based in East Sussex, UK, where she works out of her studio near Hastings. A much sought-after portrait painter, she travels internationally to exhibit and work with her sitters.

Eminent Artist, United Kingdom

Pierre-Paul Marchini

Originally from Ajaccio, Pierre-Paul Marchini enrolled in the 50 new masters of contemporary art, alongside masters such as Kandisky or Pollock, according to a work of art published in English by professionals in Italy (distributed in galleries of modern art, from collectors). Painter of abstraction and the informal, his geometric meanders translate the impulses of his soul. By diverting the theory of colors and exploiting each of the materials, it breaks with conventional canons.

Pierre-Paul Marchini goes beyond mere representation by diving into the pure psyche. The color is brought to its climax with great freedom. An international art critic, Salvatore Russo, writes about him: "His painting is characterized by the great genius with which the artist draws his lines. He is a painting with action. A painting, which strongly shouts situations, involving the modern man. A painting, which is emerging in contemporary art, and it is a great protagonist.


Pierre-Paul Marchini regularly exhibits in Parisian galleries and exhibited at Fiac in 2012. He won the 3rd prize in painting at the 2014 International Contemporary Art Competition. His works are listed in the 2015 edition of the artists' dictionary. contemporaries

Master of Contemporary Art, Ajaccio, French.

Hernan Javier Munoz

He was born on April 5, 1983 in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

He graduated as professor of plastic arts at  "Rogelio Yrurtia" school of art (1996-2000).

In 2001, he began working at the MOA  agency under the Ministry of Environment and Public Space of the Government of the City of Buenos Aires restoring works of art and sculptures.

The artist defines himself as "Autodidact", having attended periodically since the age of 20 at the MNBA (National Museum of Fine Arts) to admire and learn from great artists such as Ernesto de la Cárcova, Edgar Degas, Angel Della Valle, Giacomo Favretto, Reinaldo Giudici and the most influential William Adolphe Bouguereau. Hence, his technique is based on imitating intuitively the palette of the great masters.

Today at 34, the artist creates from his workshop in Buenos Aires.

Muñoz's style is based on figurative painting with a surrealist orientation. In his technique and composition, reality, dreams and levitating people or objects are mixed. The theme of his works refers to the soul, heart and mind that define his works as "Fantastic Realism".

Exhibitions and participations

2004  ArteBA (Argentina).

2007  Arte Zamora gallery (Argentina).

2012 Norte Arte Argentino gallery and the Guijuana de Arte gallery. (Argentina).

2014 He won the First Prize in the II Painting Exhibition - Guihua de Arte (Argentina).

2015 International Art Auction in Panama SIAP (Panama).

2016 Eccletiva art gallery (Italy).

2016 He won the First Figurative Prize at the Spoleto Biennial (Italy).

2016 he was part of the book "Master of Contemporany Fine Art" (England)

2016 "Los Coleccionistas" (Argentina).

Hyperrealistic Artist, Argentina

Giuseppe Petrone

I was born in Italy, in a small town in Puglia, the 8th of October. Since I was a child I had a considerable inclination in art and design; I suspended this fondness at 14, to focus on studies and work.

In 2016 I started again developping and nurturing my great passion drawing with graphite and charcoal on paper. I am self-taught, I’ve been tested and experienced several techniques and equipments throughout my way, I’ve always worked with perseverance and dedication trying to achieve excellence, and finally finding it in hyperrealism. In October 2016 I took a crush course in hyperrealism drawing technique, taught by the teacher Luca Tedde, becoming increasingly confident, competent and briefed.


In November 2017 I experimented also pastel painting technique, I attend an important workshop held by master Ruben Belloso Adorna, I found it very fascinating.


In April 2018 I sat a competition, named "Ritratti contemporanei”.

Eminent Artsist, Puglia, Itly.

Enrique Chiu

Enrique Chiu. Bachelor of Design and Audiovisual Arts by CCSA Santa Ana, California. His pictorial work  has been exhibited in galleries in Mexico, E.U.A, Europe, the Middle East and South America. His work is   exhibited permanently in Museums of the United States, Spain, Guatemala and Mexico. Creator of the Mural of the Brotherhood in the USA / MX border wall. Aspiring to the Book of Guinness World Records for the largest mural in the world in 2018.

Recognized as a figure of the arts in Latin America, Enrique Chiu is considered one of the outstanding young artists not only in the border area, but internationally, is one of the main promoters of artistic development in communities in southern California, USA and from some international locations such as Argentina, Mexico, El Salvador, Peru, Spain  and the Middle East.


              Academic training:

    -Graphic Arts Elementary School in Guadalajara, Jalisco.

    -CSULB University of Long Beach, Lic. Marketing

    -CCSA Santa Ana, California. Lic. In Design and Audiovisual Arts.

    -Diploma in Appreciation of the Arts, Conaculta.

    -Course of Development of studies and didactics of the Arts, Public Policies and Cultural Policies, of Conaculta.

    -Course National of Professionalization of Museums of the National Institute of Fine Arts and the National   

      Institute of Anthropology and History.

    -Course of Educational Communication of Museums of the National Institute of Fine Arts.

    -Course of Body Paint and special FX with Limary Millot of SCI effects and FX USA.

    -Seminar on Commercialization and Artistic Promotion Conaculta

    -Diploma in Artistic teaching by the UPN.

    -Diploma in Pedagogy of the Arts by Arts Magisterium and Conaculta.


    Throughout his career he has managed to participate in more than 500 exhibitions National and international.  268 Individuals and 310 Collectives And more than 80 Cultural Festivals, supporting exhibitions of Art Mexico and the United States.
     • Director of the Art Center Casa del Tunel , Tijuana. Baja California Mexico

     • Art Director of the Auditorium Francisco Silva Romero Croc Jalisco. Mexico

     • Director of International Foundation for a Child with a Future A.C. in Baja California

     • Founder of NFIA. (National Foundation of Independent Artists) USA - Mexico

     • Secretary of the Foundation for Women in Equity A.C. Guadalajara Jalisco. Mexico

     • Art Director of C1D Gallery in the Art District of Long Beach, California, United States,

     • Director of CITIES Magazine in USA - Mexico. 2004 - 2013

     • Chief of Liaison of OSC's Direction of Municipal Social Development Tijuana. 2013 -2015

     • Coordinator of IMAC Galleries (Municipal Institute of Art and Culture of Tijuana) 2009 - 2010

     • CEO Design and Commercial Image C1D National Agency 2001 - 2017

Plastic Artist & Muraist San Diego, California

Tutu Pattnaik

My works evolves juxtaposing with the inspiration from ancient tradition and culture of my country with the contemporary materials and methods. I always like to create works from my memories, love to sculpt the reflections of my visual experiences of the wealth of ancient classical sculptures, rock-cut shelters, temples, shrines, architectures, icons, pillars, lintels, doorjambs, folk and tribal artifacts, totem poles and their fragmentary remnants.

  My Concept is based on the ancient glorious undaunted history of the places  around the World , in all together symbolizes the evolution of Civilization in course of time, the beauty of ancient fragmentary remnants  dating back to its  glorious  era.

    I have a strong inclination towards the ancient history, ethics, culture, values as well as the classical sculptural heritage around the world. So I always love to do my sculptures with the fragrance of my soil, which is my ultimate identity in this International art scenario.


  • “ LA FALAISE “ A group Exposition of Sculpture and Paintings at Gallery Le Passage , Saints, France curated by Marie Tillard – 2010

  • Grand Exposition of Sculptures by 10 Years of Resident Sculptors at Port D’Envaux, France curated by Alain Tenenbaum and Sylvette Garnnier – 2010

  • Group Show of Sculpture and Drawings by invited sculptors curated by Eva Skupin at  Gallery Veldtart,  Mehmels , Germany – 2011

  • Changsha International Sculpture Exposition at Wetland Park CHANGSHA,China- 2014

  •  “ 5th Liu Kaiqu Award" International Sculpture Exhibition,WUHU , China – 2015

  • International Sculpture and Drawing Exhibition at Galleria Arta, Corneliu  BABA,

CARANSEBES, Romania – 2015



           Invited to Summer residency  for Four months at Les Lapidiales at Port d’Envoux ,

           East of  France in 2009 and 2010


 INTERNATIONAL SYMPOSIUMS  ( in India and Overseas )

  • III rd International Sculpture Symposium , Autumn Inspiration, PENZA, Russia – 2010

  • Ist International Sculpture Symposium , Meschers Sur Gironde, France  - 2010

  • Ist International Bildhauer Sculpture Symposium , Mehmels, Germany  - 2011

  • ‘Chateau Du Prince Noir – Lormont’ Ist International Sculpture Symposium, Bordeaux, France – 2012

  • 5th  International Sculpture Symposium , Autumn Inspiration, PENZA, Russia – 2012

  • Ist International Sculpture Symposium Festival, Changsha,China – 2014

  • 6th  International Andezite Sculpture Symposium , Caransebes, Romania –2015

  • Ist International Sculpture Symposium, Guarda, Portugal – 2016

  • 3rd Madinaty International Sculpture Symposium, Cairo, Egypt – 2016

  • 9th International Monumental Sculpture Symposium, Makrana, India  – 2017

  • 2nd International Bronze Sculpture Symposium by KNAF, Jaipur, India - 2017    

  • 3rd  ADANA Stone Sculpture Symposium, Turkey, 15th May – 10th June – 2017

  • 23rd ASWAN International Granite Sculpture Symposium, Egypt  – 2018


 SYMPOSIUMS and CAMPS  ( in India )

  • All India Sculptor Camp, Jaipur, Rajasthan – 1987

  • State Artists Camp, Khallikote, Orissa by L.K.A – 1991

  • All India Sculptor’s Camp C.C.M.B., Hyderabad – 1995

  • Bronze Casting Camp, Sahitya Kala Parishad, Green Wood Gallery, New Delhi – 1998

  • Artists Camp at Suraj Kund, Haryana organized by Haryana Tourism – 2000

  • ArtistsCamp at GARHI Studio,organized by Central Lalit Kala Academy, N.Delhi – 2000

  • Artists Camp at Port Blair, Andaman & Nicobar Islands, organized by Andaman tourism and Central Lalit Kala Academy, New Delhi – 2003

  • Sculptors and Potters camp. at J.D.Centre of Art, Bhubneshwar, Orissa – 2004

  • National Sculpture symposium at Sir J.J. School of Art Campus - Mumbai , organized by

            Central Lalit Kala Academy, New Delhi – 2013

  • National Sculpture symposium at Govt.Museum Campus - Chandigarh , organized by

      State Lalit Kala Academy, Chandigarh – 2016

Eminent Sculptor ,Stone-Edge , New Delhi, India

Michael Levchenko

I was born in Kiev to a father who was an architect and painter, and to a mother who was a graphic designer. As a child, I recall joining my father in the ateliers of friends  I began attending evening painting classes at an art school after my regular daytime studies. I later enrolled in the National Academy of Arts and Architecture in the sculpture department.


UKRAINE, Ukrainian Professional Artists’ Union Accepted to society in 1999-2011
ITALY, AIESM International Association for Monumental Sculpture, Professional member since 2008


ITALY 2018, Florence, International Art Prize Leonardo da Vinci, award for artistic merit
CHINA 2013, Nanjing, International Monumental Sports Sculpture Competition, Award
CHINA 2012, Jinpo, International Monumental Sculpture Competition, Special prize
UKRAINE 2003, Kyiv, Monument to Lost Journalists Competition, journalist’s prize
UKRAINE 1998, Kyiv, National Art Students competition, First prize


CYPRUS 2015 International Sculpture Park, Aya Napa
ARGENTINA 2014, Santa Fe, Museum of Contemporary Art in Roldan
ITALY 2013, San Benedetto del Tronto, Art Museum by the Sea
ITALY 2008, Vollterra, Museum of Contemporary Art
ARGENTINA 2008, Santa Fe, Museum of Contemporary Art in Roldan


BELGIUM 2017 International Sculpture Exhibition in New Jorg Gallery, Kalmhaut
LUXEMBURG 2016 International Sculpture Exhibition in Central Train Station.
GERMANY 2016 International Sculpture Exhibition in the Hamburg Castle, Hamburg
GERMANY 2015 International Sculpture Exhibition, Gallery Mucha – Schwarzenbek
GERMANY 2014 International Sculpture Exhibition, Gallery Mucha – Schwarzenbek
MONACO 2014, International ART MONACO Fair
USA 2014, SEE ME International Art Exhibition, Long Island, NY
USA 2013, SEE ME International Art Exhibition, Long Island, NY
GERMANY 2013, Sculpture Auction in ST.Blasien, Baden
USA 2013, Angel Opensanz Foundation for Contemporary Art, NEW YORK City
FRANCE 2013, International Art Fair Carrousel du Musee du Louvre, PARIS
ITALY 2012, International Arte PADOVA Fair
USA 2012, International PARALLAX ART FAIR, NEW YORK City
NORWAY 2012, exhibition, Kristiansund, OVERLand Gallery
GERMANY 2011, Sculpture Auction in ST.Blasien, Baden,
ISRAEL 2011,International Sculpture Exhibition ,Maalot
ARGENTINA 2008, 2nd International Small Sculpture Exhibition, Casa de Italia, Roldan, Santa Fe
ITALY 2008, International Sculpture Exhibition, Contemporary Art Museum, Volterra, Pisa
UKRAINE 2006, Contemporary Art Gallery TSEKH”, Kiev
UKRAINE 2005, National Sculpture Triennial, Central Artists’ House Kiev
USA 1999, Ukrainian Young Artists Exhibition and Auction, Miami
UKRAINE 1998,Kiev “Stone-98” International Sculpture Exhibition
USA 1997, Anderson Art Center Exhibition Chicago
GERMANY 1997, Group Exhibition Viflingen
CZECH REPUBLIC 1996, Group Exhibition Olomoutz
UKRAINE 1995, International “Art-Piramy” Exhibition by Ukrainian Department of Culture Kiev
UKRAINE 1993-2004, Took part in nine Annual All-Ukraine Exhibitions National Union of Ukrainian Artists


Head chef Michael Levchenko sculpture Kyiv, Ukraine

Daniel Maillet

The attraction of painting from life and the intricacies of working with, studying, and portraying the human body are the starting points for the work of Daniel Maillet (Zürich, 1956), studied graphik design with Bruno Monguzzi at the CSIA Lugano. 1977 he began his training as an engraver in the studio of his father, the painter Leo Maillet (1902-1990), during this time he traveled to London, Frankfurt, Prague and München for work. Later graduated from the Brera Academy where he studied under the tutelage of Beppe Devalle and Zeno Birolli. Maillet’s Italian phase includes a brief period in which he worked with Roberto Sambonet, and subsequently with Clino Castelli. The death of his father took him back to Ticino, where he lived up to 2002, than he moved to Brazil and he began a new period, devoting him self to oil paintings rich in colours and equatorial atmospheres, moreover develops figures modelled in clay and natural size. He is dedicated to searching for the best sintering clays, for the high temperature, suitable for large-format sculpture. Daniel teaches drawing specifically for observation and modelling in terra cotta sculpture for great size. His pedagogical experiences began at the Univ. SUPSI in Lugano and continues privately in his studio, such as in art schools, cultural and social centres in different Brazilian cities. He works currently in Brazil and exhibits regularly in Europe. The intense research has led Maillet to build their own gas Kiln for stoneware, for sintered sculptures, assembling ancient Asian knowledge of firing and cutting-edge Western digital technologies. Recently, supported by G. Olmetti, general secretary of the AICC, together with the companies Cibas and Wasp, Daniel began a basic research with engineers of mechatronics, for 3D clay printing, with the aim of being able to make art editions for the grès sculpture.

Cunha SP Brasil, 2018.

Eminent sculpture Atelier Maillet Zurich, Switzerland

Oscar Hernandez ( Faoa)

Work at Escultor cultor ​Bogotá, Colombia

Cristián Costa


CANNES LIONS / Bronze Lion / "Crest Smiles"
CANNES LIONS / Silver Lion / "Inova Led Flashlights"
CANNES LIONS / Silver Lion / "Colgate Max Whitening"
CANNES LIONS / Bronze Lion / "Inova Led Flashlights"
CANNES LIONS / Bronze Lion / "Master Dog"
CANNES LIONS 2014 / Shortlist / "Salvation Coins"
CANNES LIONS 2013 / Shortlist / "Armar"
CANNES LIONS 2012 / Shortlist / "Odis Alarms"
CANNES LIONS 2010 / Shortlist / "Colgate Floss"

CLIO AWARDS / Bronze / "Master Dog"
CLIO AWARDS / Shortlist / "Colgate Max Whitening" 

WAVE FESTIVAL / Gold / "Colgate Floss"
WAVE FESTIVAL / Gold / "Colgate Max Whitening"

FIAP / Silver / "Colgate Max Whitening"
FIAP / Bronze / "Colgate Max Whitening"
FIAP / Shortlist / "Colgate Max Whitening"

OJO DE IBEROAMERICA / Gold / "Colgate Floss"
OJO DE IBEROAMERICA / Best Print Chile / "Colgate Floss"
OJO DE IBEROAMERICA / Gold / "Colgate Max Whitening"

ACHAP / Gold / "Inova Led Flashlights"
ACHAP / Best Art Direction / "Inova Led Flashlights"
ACHAP / Gold / "Colgate Max Whitening"
ACHAP / Gold / "Colgate Floss"
ACHAP / Gold / "Master Dog"
ACHAP / Best Art Direction / "Colgate Floss"
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Associate Creative Director, Saatchi & Saatchi Los Angeles, CA, USA

Ernesta Vala

I am multi-disciplinary art director from Lithuania. I worked many years in advertising agencies like Mccann (Erickson). Before that, I was digital artist and illustrator.

At this moment I am freelance art director working on very different projects from branding, posters, music projects, advertising, packaging etc.

Art Director, McCann Erickson Vilnius, Lithuania

Meki Giorgadze

Meki Giorgadze, Graphic Designer from Tbilisi, Georgia. Currently he works in one of the most popular advertising company Leavingstone on social media design.

" My goal is to promote Georgian culture on a worldwide stage. We are formed by the values of our societies culture and my wish is to express cultural diversity.  We are habituated to a grey and dreary everyday life. My wish is to show people another, different and beautiful side of accustomed reality and recognized objects. "

Graphic design, Leavingstone Tbilisi, Georgia

Fatih Moray

My artworks for information about me. You can contact me for more detail. My art techniques are digital paintings after photomanipulations and photography arts. 

Ever since getting to know the world, three fundamental points were missing from my life: affection, love, and fun. And these three voids turned into loneliness, unhappiness, and solitude. Started hating people, cities, noise, neighbors, smiling people, real-world, and straight souls. Three missing fundamentals flew me to a spiritual world of my own. Wiped-out all the traditional clichés of the real-world, and started creating my own reality. My art is reflecting my spiritual world, rebellion in my soul, my dreams, and the feelings these reflections are creating in my mind at the moment of painting (on the digital world at this stage). The biggest excitement I carry is imagining my next piece of art…

Photoillustration & Digital Artist, Istambul, Turkey

Julia Hacker

Julia Hacker is a Toronto based multidisciplinary artist working in a variety of contemporary  mixed media, acrylic paint, collage and illustration. Julia also offers her artwork for rent/sale to  staging companies, real state agents  and interior designers.


Artist statement.

 I've been  blessed by the gifts of life, family, kids and art . 

For me, the painting process is a physical and emotional necessity. Themes include humanity’s intrinsic and inseparable connection to nature and the surrounding environment. From a deep concern for the state of our planet to the beauty of the simple objects, there is no mundane subject matter. I feel my art production is a dynamic part of my life, where my love of paint and the process of experimentation with collage and found objects continues to push me in new directions.  My figurative language is influenced by some of the best XIX and XX century European Art like Klimt, Erte , Leon Bakst and Art Nouveau direction in general.

Over the years I developed two distinct directions- painting and collage illustration. My paintings always start with emotion and progress in an intuitive rather than a methodical way. The great benefit of switching direction away from brush to focus on collage allows me to recharge my creative and inspirational wellspring. It is a good way to step away, working in a different media to open different sides of creativity. Working with collage engages a particularly logical flow of ideas, almost like putting a puzzle together. It is more methodical.


My inspiration often comes from my training as a fashion designer. I am marrying fashion and art, always looking for “something with a little punch, that arouses curiosity or starts a conversation, like a guilty pleasure”.

Life is dynamic and so is my art. My purpose is to engage the viewer, to draw out a sense of wonder and joy through the colours and textures of my work.

Keywords: fashion , figure , female, illustration, women,woman, beauty, fashion illustration,costume, relationship, romance , mixed media , original painting, canvas art, contemporary art

Artist & Owner of Fabulousart, Minask, Belarus

Philip Merie

The French-Norwegian photographer Philippe Mérie has been based in Copenhagen, where he has run a photo studio, which has been the center of numerous innovative and creative projects resulting in great commercial and artistical succes. His ongoing passion for art has resulted in a constant search for the boundaries between photography and the art of painting. 

Philippe Mérie was born in Paris, grew up in France, Indonesia, Norway and Denmark. Trained as a photographer at Jørn Freddie, Copenhagen and Aldo Léfere, Paris, he teamed up with photographer Søren Saabye before founding his own studio in Copenhagen 1980 working for companies like Hennes & Mauritz, Levi ́s, Carlsberg, Sony, Virgin, CocaCola, Tivoli, The Royal Danish Theatre, Saga Furs, Great Greenland, Arcadia Group, Marks and Spencer, Elle, Moda, La Photografia among other. He has received several awards for his work including the Aurora Award 1990 and The Golden Pencil 1993. In 2010 nominated by the magazine American Photo as one of the worlds ten best advertisements for an IKEA campaign. Nominated in the same category 2011 for a Mercedes Benz campaign.

Parallel to his commercial career Philippe Mérie has been occupied with photographic artwork. In 1996 he exhibited his work at The Krasnapolsky, Copenhagen. Subsequently, the Royal Danish Library acquired part of his work. Furthermore he has exhibited his work at Fotografisk Center, Copenhagen and released a limited edition

Photographer & Digital Artist, Paris, France

Manish K. Bhatt

Academic Qualification :


  • M.A. in Drawing and Painting.


Honour and Award :


  • 1st Prize in Poster Compitition Organized

  • by PSP.PG Collage Partapur,-2007-08

  • 28th Student award, held by R.L.K.Academy Jaipur (Raj.).

  • 2008 & 09, Poster Making Award, organized by   

PSP.P.G.Collage Partapur.

  • State Award at 10 th Art Festival “Creyons” Tonk.

  • City Award for Banswara Kalanand Award 2017 ,Held by Prafulla

Dahanukar Art Foundation

Participation & Salection :


  • 27th Student art exhibition 2007 held by R.L.K.Academy Jaipur (Raj.).

  • 28th Student art exhibition 2008 held by R.L.K.Academy Jaipur (Raj.).

  • Annual art fair 2009 and 2010 held by R.L.K.Academy Jaipur (Raj.).

  • 97th annual art exhibition 2015 held by Art society of India.

  • 123rd All India annual art exhibirion-2015 held by Bombay art   society.

  • 18th  Annual art fair 2015 held by R.L.K.Academy Jaipur (Raj.).

  • 98th annual art exhibition 2016 held by Art society of India.

  • 124rd All India annual art exhibirion-2016 held by Bombay art   society.

  • 10th National Art camp “CREYONCE” Tonk

  •  19th  Annual art fair 2016 held by R.L.K.Academy Jaipur (Raj.).

  •  98th annual art exhibition 2016 held by Art society of India.

  • 124rd All India annual art exhibirion-2016 held by Bombay art   society.

  • CAF contest 2016, Held By Camlin.

  • KALAVART NYAS an international art camp  Ujjain -2016

  • 99th annual art exhibition -2017 held by The Art Society Of India.

  •  “Annual Art Exhibition” 2010,at .P.S.P. P.G. Collage Partapur.

  • 2nd All India annual Art Exhibition 2017, held by EFAC.

  • Indo-Nepal Art Carnival at Patan Museum Kathamandu 2017

Photographer & Digital Artist, Ahmedabad, India

Bui Duy Khanh

Present : Self-taught Watercolor Artist.
: Representative Of International Watercolor Society – Vietnam
2017 : 15 October “Autumn Sunshine” Van Cao Gallery, Hung Vuong rd.
HaiPhong , Vietnam
3 – 12 June. “Homogeneity II” Ho Chi Minh City Museum of Fine
Arts / Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
2016 : 24 November - 5 December. “2nd Malaysia International Art Festival
2016 - “Art Ketam” / Pulau Ketam Island, Selangor / Malaysia
15 - 23 November. “ Homogeneity” Ho Chi Minh City Museum of
Fine Arts / Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
18 - 28 September. Young Artist Exhibition “Today” at 5th. Floor,
Hanoi Creative City Building 1 Luong Yen / Hanoi, Vietnam
7 - 13 october. Watercolor Exhibition “The 2016 Incheon Global
Cities Arts Exchange Grand Festival” at Incheon Culture and Arts
Center / Incheon Metropolitan City, Korea
17 - 21 June. Watercolor Exhibition “The Andaman Watercolor
International Art Workshop And Art Exhibition 2016" at Andaman
Museum / Krabi, Thailand
14 - 21 May. Watercolor Exhibition and Painting Tour “ A journey To
Hue” at Imperial palace / Hue, Vietnam
2 - 30 April. Watercolor Exhibition “The 234 year Anniversary of
Rattanakosin 2016” at 333 Gallery 1st.Floor K&Y Building 16
Surasak road, Bangrak / Bangkok, Thailand
22 - 28 Febuary. Watercolor Exhibition “SPRINGTIME” at KTT
Gallery / Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Water color Artist, Hai-Phong City, Vietnam

Sergey Temerev

Watercolor for me – test of forces, passion and rest…

Primary activity – teaching.
I am Associate Professor at
A.Shtiglits St.-Petersburg State Academy of Art and Design.
Besides – architectural designing, interior design.

Education -
St.-Peterburg State B. Ioganson’s Secondary Art School,
attached to the Russian Academy of Arts;
I. Repin St.Petersburg State Academy Institute of Painting,
Sculpture and Architecture, Architectural Faculty.

Member of Union of Russian artists,
St. Petersburg Society of watercolor artists,
German Watercolor Society

Water colour artist ,St. Petersburg Russia

John Cooney

I am an artist living in Carrickfergus, Northern Ireland. I was born in Newry, Co. Down but have lived most of my life close to Belfast. I went to art college in Belfast and Manchester, achieving a first class honours degree in illustration.

While at college, I won first prize at the North West Artists exhibition sponsored by BP. After college I began exhibiting my paintings with Tom Caldwell Galleries and won awards at the Royal Ulster Academy (best painting as voted by the public and UTV award). Despite my success in painting, I began working in advertising which left no time for painting.


After further career moves in graphic design using ICT, I began teaching various art classes. I also began teaching in local primary schools. I have now stopped teaching in order to devote myself entirely to painting. I paint in both oil and watercolours, depending on the subject and have no preference. I paint ordinary people in their environments and always try to make the commonplace interesting.

 My work has recently been featured in Artists and Illustrators magazine and this year, I have exhibited at The Royal Society of Portrait Painters at the Mall galleries, London and will be exhibiting again at this year’s Royal Ulster Academy exhibition at the Ulster Museum.

watercolorist from Northern Ireland

Uhky Uhky

Uhky-Uhky, that is what my friends call me. And before anything else, I’d like to thank Doodlewash, especially Charlie O’Shields, for inviting me to be featured on his website! I am a Filipino Interior Designer based in Singapore with my wife and my two children.

I have always been very passionate when it comes to sketching since I was a kid. Though many times, it was a reason to get away with some house work. My parents were both teachers and are equally supportive as my family now, towards my hobby.

And this is my story… though my work requires me to design, my passion for art was in a roller coaster. I kind of lost my edge a few years back, the urge to draw and to sketch.

Until late last year, I have been sketching non-stop, in almost every opportunity I have. As little time as I have on lunch breaks, I always make it a point to sketch at least something, “a sketch a day” of anything. And I’ve never missed joining Urban Sketchers Singapore’s sketch-walk every month and their ad hoc sketching trips around the city every Saturday with my cousin who actually introduced me to this group.

I started with pen and ink, like most of us in urban sketching with architectural background. I focused more on the proportion and height on human figures, cars against structures while trying to get the right tone and texture- light, medium and heavy ink density to tell when a structure or a figure is near or far while being more conscious on shades and shadows. It was all about layering.

A few months later, I have gained the confidence to try watercolor again and it was one of those critical moments whether to decide and stay with pen and ink or to continue with watercolor. After several attempts while keeping my urge to draw, I came to recognize that watercolor for a beginner, will work out when you simplify objects and shapes- it’s practically going back to basics- the process of determining the big and prominent shapes first and foremost before going into smaller objects in order to compliment. Keeping in mind, it is only an impression of an object and it’s always been about simplification.  

When things are easier to comprehend and understand mainly because it is simple, then then the rest will just follow, e.g., techniques, shadows, composition, colors.

Being creative, I believe personally, comes from these pointers that I am still trying to keep, solve, and develop respectively, every time I do my art piece…. URGE, LAYERING, and SIMPLIFY

Opps…and have FUN along the way! Keep on Sketching! With your right hand and perhaps with your left hand on your next art piece! A trick we use to loosen up a sketch. 

watercolorist from Singapore

Ahsan Habib

He is they youngest child of Late Ismail Hossain and Nurjahan Begum. Ahsan Habib passes his memorable childhood there, by making kites and flying those. From the childhood art is his passion. Its initiated by lettering and designing cover for the books of his friends. After passing his Higher Secondary he wants to turn his study towards Fine Arts but faces many problems from his family. Because in a under developed country like Bangladesh. Fine Arts is not considerd as a subject for being successful in life. But he had a passion on it. That’s why he escaped from home and gets admitted at Fine Arts (BFA) in Shanto-marium  University of Creative Technology. After that he has completed (MFA) from University of development Alternative (UODA). 

2017- 1st BIENAL International ACUARELA Kipus-Bolivia, From Nov 17 to Dec 07 ( Cochabamba-Bolivia).
2015-World Watercolor Triennael Korea, from May 15 to jun 15,2015.
2013-14 Shenzhen Watercolor Biennial, China ( In Shenzhen Art Museum)
From December 10,2013 to January 10,2014.
2014- Third International watercolor Biennale,
(in Watercolor Gallery Pecinacka 40, 11237 Belgrade )
11th of May 2014 in, Republic of Serbia, Europe.
2015-1st International Watercolor Society Festival And Exhibition Albania, 
from Nov 21 to 25,2015, ( National Historical Museum ( Tirana).
2015-1st International Watercolor Society Biennial India, from Dec 03 To 08,2015
(All India Fine Arts And Craft Society (AIFACS).
2016-1st International Watercolor Society Biennial Pakistan, from Mar 28 To 31,2016( In the heart of Indus valley ).

2009 “Art To Wear” By Malaysian Artist Mohd. Said Abu
Organized By:
Shanto – Marium Uneversiti Of Creative Technology.
In Collaboration With:
Mara University Of Technology (UiTM), Malaysia
2009 Watercolor Workshop By Allokash Ghose
Organized By:
Shanto – Marium Uneversiti Of Creative Technology.

2011-2015 Participation in jury Board:
As a Master watercolorist
International Watercolor Society (IWS) 

Art Teacher At:
2014 to present- Bangladesh International Tutorial (BIT).
2015 Shanto Marium academy Of Creative technology
2011 Bangladesh Academy Of Fine Arts (BAFA).
2007-2010- A M School & College.

Cell: +8801924887993,
Fan Page: Ahsan Habib Watercolor Artist


Jai Krishna Agarwal

Time is not something, which can be read from a clock in terms of hours, minutes and seconds. It is impossible to even guess when the cosmic clock started and when it would stop ticking. Time is infinite. Time is intangible.

Eminent Artist, Printmaker, Art Critic Former Principal cum Dean College of Arts & Crafts,University of Lucknow

Lisa Kristine

Lisa Kristine is a San Francisco based photographer specializing in indigenous peoples worldwide. Through her work, Lisa wishes to encourage a dialogue about the beauty, diversity and hardship of our inter-locking world. The more meaning born in the images, the deeper that dialogue may be. Lisa Kristine aims to enhance her viewer’s awareness and engage them in a visual journey that is also a questioning of our existence. She wants to welcome them into the exploration of our mysterious existence with a spirit of importance, astonishment and hope.

humanitarian photographer

Shubhra Chand

A Poetry book ‘The Light Relaxes into Evening’ is published in U.S.A. written by Kendall Merriam a poet of Maine, U.S.A. Influenced by the art works of Shubhra.


Eminent Artist, New Delhi

Rajan Shripad Fulari

RAJAN SHRIPAD FULARI did his B.F.A. from Goa Art College and M.F.A. from M.S.University, Gujarat. He also studied Film Appreciation from FTII, Pune. His works have been exhibited in National and International Exhibitions held at Portugal, Italy, France, Germany, Scotland, London, etc. and with many important galleries / museums in India and abroad.

Eminent Artist, Printmaker, Curator Assistant Professor College of Arts & Crafts,University of Lucknow

Manny Librodo

The ‘Photoshop wizard’ Manny Librodo’s photos don’t just tell a story, they are pure works of art.

Lambunao, Iloilo (Based in Thailand)

Alka Bhrushundi

A Delhi-based artist, Alka Bhrushundi was born and brought up in the culturally spirited city of Pune. Since the springtime of her life, she has had a deep interest in, and a flair for the arts. Having been raisedin an environment which was immensely spiritual, her captivation towards spirituality and the divine was but natural.

Alka has been constantly working on the theme of Universal Cosmic Energy and she portrays it through her paintings. Her profound knowledge of Yoga, Ayurveda and Reiki, has greatly aided herin this endeavour.

Eminent Artist, New Delhi.

Jimmy Nelsson

Since 2010, Jimmy Nelson has been traveling around the world to photograph some of the most iconic indigenous cultures on the planet. On his journeys he is continuously witnessing the speed with which the amazing communities are embracing the future. He has come to realize, after a life spent traveling, that his camera is the perfect tool for making contact and building intimate and unique connections.

Artist • Photographer • Interest

Rakesh Bani

I prefer to despite my male and female figures in their distinctive moods, lost, forlorn, disturbed faces as well as those imbued with a severity and sensuous joyousness. My human figures and other sundry creatures, in their portions, postures and movement appear like characters in a dramatic enactment set in a narrative mode. Single figures or groups of figures seem to relate their individual or collective stories to which the format to the etchings draws attentions.

Eminent Artist, Printmaker Assistant Professor Kurukshetra University, Haryana

Umesh Nayak

Eminent Artist, Sculptor, Assistant Professor Amity University, New Delhi

Abhijit Kumar Mohanty

​Abhijit Kumar Mohanty was born in Birishpur, State of Odisha and gets counted as one of the noted contemporary artist in India. In short span of time, I have been able to mark my presence in this world of contempory visual art.

Eminent Artist, Printmaker Assistant Professor Amity University Gurgaon

Vinod Chachere



  • 2nd Award for painting All India Art Contest South Central Zone Cultural Center, Nagpur 2008 (Govt. Of India Ministry of Culture)2009

  • 2nd Award for Poster Youth Festival R.T.M. University, Nagpur 2008

  • 12th International Art Festival Ujjain 2007

  • 1st  Award for Painting Jawaharlal Darda Kala Academy Nagpur 2006

  • Commendation Award for Graphic South Central Zone Cultural Centre Nagpur 2006

  • Award for Painting Annual Art Exhibition Govt. Chitrakala Mahavidyalaya Nagpur 2006

  • “Kala Srujan Samaan” And 1st Award for painting 13th International Art Festival Ujjain, 2008

  • 1st Award For Cartooning Youth Festival R.T.M. University, Nagpur 2009

  • 3rd Award for Poster Youth Festival R.T.M. University, Nagpur 2009

  • Commendation Certificate in 28th National Contemporary Art Exhibition SSZCC,Nagpur,2015




  • “Navrang” Show, Rabindranath Tagor Art Gallery, NIT Building Nagpur 2004

  • “Landscape” Show Department of Forest, Civil Line, Nagpur 2006

  • “CISFA” Group Show for Tsunami Relief Fund, NIT Gallery Nagpur 2005

  • “MANSOON” Show Nehru Art Gallery,Warli,Mumbai 2008

  • “MANSOON” Show Kamala Nayan Bajaj Art Gallery, Nariman Point Mumbai 2008

  • “Retrospective” Ananta And His Friends Show, NIT Art Gallery Nagpur 2008

  • Artmosphere Art Gallery Ludhiyana  2008

  • “20 SQUARE” Art Exhibition, Rabindranath Tagore Art Gallery, Nagpur 2009

  • “VASTUVISION” Art Exhibition, KP Ground, Nagpur 2009

  • ’12 SQUARE ” Art Exhibition, Rabindranath Tagore Art Gallery, Nagpur 2010

  • Group Exhibition  Lokayata Art Gallery Hough Khas Village center, New Delhi 2011

  • “11 SQUARE” group show NIT Art Gallery Nagpur, 2012

  • Navargoan Art Festival Group show Jawaharlal Darda Art Gallery,Nagpur.2014

  • “ARTOLOGY” group show Jawaharlal Darda Art Gallery,Nagpur,2015

  • Senior And Junior artist group show SSCZCC, Nagpur, 2015

  • ‘’CHAAP-KHANA’’ Print Making Exhibition Jawaharlal Darda Art Gallery, Nagpur. 2015

  • “CHATAK” Monsoon show by professional artist at Nehru center art gallery Mumbai – 2015

  • “ National Conclave” art exhibition at Creative art gallery, Amity University Gurgaon – Haryana 2015,2016,2017,2018

  • Promotional painting exhibition at Ambiance Mall,Gurgoan,presented by Amity UniversityGurgoan.2016,2017

  • ’CHAAP-KHANA’’ affordable painting and sculpture Exhibition Jawaharlal Darda Art Gallery, Nagpur. 2015

  • International Art Mart’’ Khajuraho, 2016,2017,2018

  • International ‘’Finext’’ Art Exhibition, Canarys Art Foundation,Indore,2017

  • International Finext Art Exibition,Bhopal,2018

  • ’CHAAP-KHANA’’Painting Exhibition, Canarys Art Foundation,Indore,2017

  • First International Kala Mela,Janpath,New Delhi,2018

  • OSTEN Biennial of Drawing Skopje, Macedonia2018,

  • Annual Art Exhibition Amity School of Fine Art,AUH,2015,2016,2017,2018




  • 3rd Nation Kala Kumbha, Dhanbad, Zharkhand – 2007

  • 12th Kalavart International Art Festival, Ujjain – 2007

  • "VARNIK" Central India School of Fine Art – 2007

  • Artist Camp Multimedia Workshop, South Central Zone, Cultural Centre Nagpur 2008

  • Street Art festival, Nagpur 2012

  • “YADNEYA” invitee artist, Water color camp, Verul, Aurangabaad, 2014

  • “NAVERGOAN” Art Festival,Navergoan.2014

  • “INTERNATIONAL ART FESTIVAL” invitee artist, Ujjain, 2014

  • “CHAAP-KHANA” Print Making workshop invited by Jawaharlal Darda Art Gallery, Nagpur, 2015

  • “CHAAP-KHANA” Silk-screen workshop invited by Jawaharlal Darda Art Gallery, Nagpur, 2015

  • Watercolor Landscape workshop presented by Jawaharlal Darda Art Gallery,Nagpur.2015

  • “Young Hearts “Painting workshop,Bhubneshwar,2016

  • CHAAP-KHANA” Utility  workshop invited by Jawaharlal Darda Art Gallery, Nagpur, 20116

  • Painting workshop at Amity School of Fine Arts,AUH,2016

  • CHAAP-KHANA” Terakota workshop, at Bhadrawati, 2016

  • Dropadi Art Foundation Painting Workshop,Purana Killa,Pragati Maidan, New Delhi,2016

  • Painting workshop at Amity School of Fine Arts,AUH,2015,2016,2017,2018

  • “Wood Carving Workshop “Amity University Haryana,2018

  • “Clay Modeling Workshop “Amity University Haryana,2017,2018




  • South Central Zone Cultural Center – 2004, 2005-2007,2015

  • Jawaharlal Darda Art Gallery, Nagpur 2008,2009

  • South Central Zone Cultural Centre Pondicherry, 2008

  • V.V. Ok Pune. 2005-2009

  • Bajaj Art Gallery 2008

  • AIFACS, Delhi, 2013, 2014

  • NDMC, Delhi, 2015

  • “Bindaas Artist Group” International Digital painting Competition,2017

  • “Bindaas Artist Group “International  Print Making Competition,2017

  • “Bindaas Artist Group “International Sculpture Competition,2017

  • “Bindaas Artist Group” International watercolor Competition,2017





  • Jawaharlal Darda Academy Lokmat Times, Nagpur

  • Kalavartnyas, Ujjain

  • Kalakumbha, Dhanbad Jharkhand

  • Artmosphere Art Gallery Ludhiyana

  • Fine Arts Department Lalitya Art Gallery Nagpur 

  • South central zone cultural Centre, Nagpur

  • South central Zone Cultural Central Pondicherry.

  • Sadhana trust & Shneha Aachal Nagpur.

  • Amity University Haryana(Gurgaon)



House No.729, Peer Gali, Near IGNOU, Neb Sarai, Maidan Garhi, New Delhi.-110068

Eminent Artist, Assistant Professor , Amity University Gurgaon

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