Art Gallery

An art gallery also has a stable of artists unified by some criteria such as tone or feeling of the artworks; a common background of the artists; or a shared style, technique, medium or similar outlook. Artists typically receive payment for their work when it is purchased, minus a percentage taken by the gallery for representing the artist and showing his or her work.

Most galleries have a specific artistic focus. For example, some galleries may only specialize in contemporary art, while others will only show landscape painting. Some are dedicated to one or a group of individual artists. A gallery typically has a monthly exhibition, promoting it with print ads and phone calls to potential collectors and the press, and hosting an art opening.

Galleries become a brand representing a certain aesthetic point of view.

Ultimately, though, the art gallery is in the business to promote its artists and sell their artworks. The gallery staff will also spend considerable time with potential clients in educating them about their stable of artists.


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